Monday, December 20, 2010

The Nut Doctor

On Thursday we have a follow up visit with the nut doctor which should be interesting.  Last visit, which was my first time, I felt as though I was on the back foot to some degree.  The squeeze had an established relationship and had gone through many of his issues, hang ups etc.
He is my hang ups and issues.  Other than the normal desires of a perfect job, winning lotto, waking up ten years younger and ten kilos lighter, there isn’t a whole lot more I want.  My problems tend to centre around him, so walking into that room the last time, I found it a little difficult.
You can’t just throw issues and problems on the table in a heap.  It’s more like digging through a pile of Christmas decorations – you have to be selective; choose what you place on the tree, and where.
This time, I feel as though I have established myself a little also.  There was a perceptive change in her attitude midway through the last visit because I sensed she could understand what I was saying.  She had raised her eyebrows during my account of the previous ‘Where’s Wally’ episode and had then turned to question the squeeze in an attempt to understand his thinking. (or lack thereof)
Her finishing up with the divorce discussion, wasting time and setting boundaries indicated she knew where all my problems and issues lay.  Going back on Thursday and discussing the last six weeks will show that nothing has really changed.
We did go a weekend without answering the 54 phone calls (and that is only a slight exaggeration) and since then, calls have been virtually non-existent.  This of course, could be that there are no pressing matters to be discussed or he has put the phone on silent to make sure we are not inundated as we were last time – thereby escaping a verbal stoush with me.
The divorce is still a pipe dream and there has been no discussion with the harridan around this.  Boundaries are still breached whenever she feels like it.  He still prances off like a good little moodle when told to.
Yep.  Fun times!

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