Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brain Turns to Mush

I’ve now been sick for five days.  During this time, before I knew I was actually sick, I got to go shopping, picked up some stuff from ebay and went to dinner with friends of the squeeze who I hardly knew.  Once again, I’m the alien; fitting in.  In fact, other than the ‘man factor’ it was a really good night.  They were my kind of people so it was good fun.
You may wonder what the ‘man factor’ is.

It is that environment where testosterone is flying around the room and there is a remote control or a white board pen within arm’s length.  It can be anywhere really; at the end of a good night out or the office meeting room.  It’s some weirdo voice in their dumb head that says “he who has the whiteboard pen shall rule the world!”  Its either that or it’s got something to do with penis size.  Probably both.

Either way, we ended up back at one of the couples places where all the men sat on one side of the room, women on the other – and like taking shots in turn, we got to pick a You Tube song to play.  Man factor meant that basically anything we picked got at least 3.7 seconds of air time to their ‘to the last damned note’ of their stuff.  This was then followed by lengthy reminiscing about ‘remember when we saw them…”   I did get to comment at one stage “umm, no.  I was six”.  At least I got them to watch one Lady Gaga clip, but that may have been out of politeness which I’m tipping I won’t get on the next outing!

Anyway, the days have been long.  It’s not like I’m feeling good so I can’t concentrate enough to write or even read.  I’ve had bursts of reading followed by hours of sleep.  The odd movie – more sleep.  This morning when I realised I was watching day time tv and even worse, some guy who had written a book about “finding successful love” or something similar; I realised that not even a week and I’m basically brain dead!

I just put music on because I realised that I have mooched around the house and the only sound track I’ve had is the odd groan; or when the daughter is here, a groan followed by “God, I feel like crap.”

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