Thursday, December 23, 2010

No Win Situation

We had session two with the nut doctor today.  I shed a few tears.  The squeeze sat dry eyed and shaking his head; looking confused much of the time.  Aside from the normal roller coaster ride that is a “counselling session”, I thought it went well.

When we walked out, we decided that the nut doctor was probably skirting offices even as we stood at the kerb, taking bets that we wouldn’t last the month.  I wanted to go back in and slap five bucks on the counter and ask the odds that we would.

Although I’d had a few tears, mostly these are due to the fact that my boyfriend {must be anger here as I dumped the squeeze title} is an utter moron that can’t see a question for what it is and answer it accordingly!  As per last time, ten minutes in and I wanted to burst into tears and run out.  But then later, clarification as to what he means.  Idiot!

For all that “couples counselling” was my idea, I think I’ve gone off it.  The whole thing is centred on discussion; talking things out… Compromise.

Yet when I spoke of our “issues” with communication; in that communication is my middle name and Mr Silent Treatment wouldn’t know how to communicate if it jumped out of the water and bit him on the ass!  I told her that to combat this difference, I had created a ‘blog’.

The blog was about me being able to download, or dump – without sending him a 24 page email that he then promptly ignored.  With the blog, I could write whatever I wanted.  It didn’t matter because if he read it, he did so on my terms and I didn't have to get upset if he didn't reply to it.

So we go out of our way, find a compromise that allows for my need to communicate and his need to stick his head in the sand - and it works!  Not only does it work, but it allows me to write as well.  And what does the nut doctor say..?  I don't like what this says about your relationship!

I did find it somewhat amusing that he didn’t realise I was writing specifically for him. 

Still, funny really; the nut doctor seems to think the world is visible from our thoughts.  Walking out, I knew our thoughts are no real dialogue or map to our minds. 

We are strong.  Even with our weird idiosyncrasies, even with my
emotions equalling an ocean and his equalling a puddle.  We each know who the other is; and that this relationship is right.

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