Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas… Yeah.

Ok.  Well I have wanted to blog; but between the cast of thousands coming for Christmas lunch, planning the menu and wondering if I have enough champagne glasses; and work being hell on earth as I upgrade two SANs at two campuses, I have barely had time to do anything else.
In between those two joys, I have driving lessons (I am the teacher, which freaks me out – today it was parallel parking… kill me now…); cooking; selling my car; searching for a new car – and some form of ‘primp and preen’ – which at the moment, consists of washing my damned hair!  That’s it.  Nothing else!
I’m sure I’ll have something witty and funny to write about tomorrow.  How couldn’t I?  The squeeze is coming new car shopping with me.
Now this should be fun… 
Because we all know, I’m the bloke in this relationship.

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