Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blogging and Holidays

For anyone that actually reads my blog, you should note that I am about to slink off to the beach for three weeks.
Yes.  You heard me.  Camping.
Think bugs.  Probably snakes.  No power.  No laptop.  Zip other than my iphone and although I dare say I could leave the odd comment on my blog to signal that I’m still alive, I doubt I’ll waffle on as I usually do.  If you an avid reader over your morning coffee; have no fear, I will return.  Or at least I’m not anticipating ending up in a shallow grave at the Prom, but who know what he has in store for me!
Now.  Camping…  I used to have a fantastic theory on holidays.  Sadly, this appears to have gone out the window since the squeeze came on the scene.  (Along with romance)  When holidaying – don’t go anywhere you can’t wear high heels.
That doesn’t mean you have to wear them, it’s more about luxury level.  Holiday luxury level should encompass huge beds; floating your lilo over to the bar; drinks with little umbrellas; dining out; romantic dresses and high heels!
I’m really not seeing a requirement for any of those things at the beach.  Hell, I haven’t even packed any heels.  If annoyed with the squeeze, I’ll have to show my displeasure in a different way it would seem.  That’s alright.  I can be creative.
Strangely, I’m quite looking forward to three weeks away.  I have a bag of books; and plan to totally relax.  No computer, but even better…  No television.
Hell.  What will the squeeze do..?  How will he exist???  He may have to spend the nights in; ‘gulp’; conversation!
Now this ought to be fun.

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