Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Up and down… Weeeeeeeeeee

If I was a roller-coaster, I’d be enormous fun!  I am so up and down at the moment it is not funny. One minute, I’m in the depths of despair; the next I’m rocking about the house to some weirdo clown music!

Okay; the clown music is not organ/carnival music, it is electric guitar and the clown is Puddles the Clown.  This guy virtually single handedly changed my perception of clowns.  I was coulrophobic; which in the scheme of things, means I’m a clown hater.  But anyone that has to hide their face behind all that makeup is a John Wayne Gacy underneath I think.  Still, I have to admit I kind of like Puddles.  You can search him out on YouTube; just look for Puddles Pity Party!

But I regress…

So I hit rock bottom yesterday and by last night, I am literally dancing and singing around the house with the vacuum cleaner.  I can’t think of any one thing that happened to make me so satisfied with life for that second.  I still only have my part time job with a miniscule wage that accompanies it.  I still owe on my house.  I’m still single.  I’m still waiting for my life to start up again!

And yet strange as it may seem, I like being single.  Oh not all the time; it is nice to have someone to go out with every so often.  Maybe see a band with.  But I’ve been out with a few while single this time and I think “nah…”

My house I’ll be paying off forever, but the alternative of not having one; being at the mercy of some owner or agent…  Kicked out when they feel like it and moving; packing everything you own again and again!

My job… okay the money is atrocious but I quite like it.  It isn’t too stressful and they gave me the chance to get my brain working again.

So that only leaves life…  And news flash!  That has started!!

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