Saturday, October 28, 2017

The weekend is here...

I have to wonder why I look forward to the weekend so damned much...  I'm not doing anything. At least not anything wonderful or fabulous.

I thought I had a lunch thing on with my sister Sunday but she's stuck at their investment property cleaning and won't get back (and I'm not desperate for company; at least not desperate enough to go clean a house!)   That means, from Friday night after my interview, I came home and there I will have stayed until Monday.   Well other than to walk the dog and go to the supermarket!

I wonder if this is the norm for single people...?

In the old days when I was single, I'd text one of my friends and go do something. Sure; I live in another town now and don't know many people which I guess is a problem. But how many close friends do people have?

Maybe I'm erroneous when it comes to memory, painting what didn't happen.  I think I had weekends on my own then; if I recall, I hated them.  Now, I like them fine.

My house is sparkling.  My yard is also sparkling!  It's three o'clock and I've got pizza bases proving in the kitchen.  I just poured my first glass of wine.  Does life get any better...?

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