Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse and changes

The weekend zoomed by.  In truth, it was boringly normal!  I spent Friday night shopping and then cooked homemade pizza.  The smell of it wafted throughout the laneway out back.  Yes, it tasted as good as it smelled and went well with red wine and a couple of television series that I never miss – Vikings and then Suits.

Wine.  Hmmm  It was my night off...  A night off from dieting since I’ve now hit 5.7 kilos for the year and am feeling pretty good; and a night off from thinking; since I’d worked all day and attended a million meetings followed by a 3 hour gig in the board room (which means keeping on my toes).

So Friday night was relaxing.  Saturday was housework followed by a girlfriend arriving in time to sit and eat left over pizza and with a bottle of champagne.  Then it was slinking off to the Flying Saucer Club to watch Russell Morris belt out old hits while keeping one eye on the weird relationships that show up at those places.  This it gave me a strange combination of emotions.  Firstly, it made me miss my own relationship that wasn’t nearly as weird has half of those in the room; then be glad I was single.  All in all, it was a great night.  At the end of the gig we trammed up Glen Huntly road and then walked home.  

This morning it was up to cook bacon and eggs – with champagne  J and coffee before my friend trekked off home and I had an hour to myself to do a walk, given my food intake this weekend.  By late afternoon, my kids had all arrived and we went off to a rooftop bar for dinner…

Boy 3 left to go home and now I’m left with Boy 1 – catching up on The Walking Dead.  Sheesh.  I’m basically submerged in the Zombie Apocalypse!   And all the while, Boy 1 keeps talking about what he would do… mostly it finishes with ‘I’d get a bazooka!’ 

Some things never change.  That part I like.  

Things with my Dad changed and that part I didn't like.  That continues to come out of left field and hit me like a freight train.  How I miss him.  The world; life... Doesn't seem the same without him in it.

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