Friday, March 7, 2014

The Reasons

Before my Dad died, I had caught up with the ex-Squeeze once.  He had bought some stuff over to my place and we were going to go grab a coffee.   As we were walking, I told him that I didn’t quite get how we had moved from one life/decision to another.  Generally, I find that there has to be some sort of catalyst for such a dramatic change and yet I couldn’t see one.

We had discussed how our new relationship could work including my proviso that the first weekend he kicked me to the kerb for the toad, we were done.  I mean I had already had to take a back seat; without weekends, we didn’t have a relationship as far as I could see.   I don’t do “swan in when you feel like it to hump me” phase.

I knew as soon as I was out of the door, the toad, using his inherited mummy art of manipulation and lying, would be working on him for weekends.  There was no doubt in my mind.  Throw in a few of the Harridan's “you are just like your father!” and he would cave like a cheap tent.  Fold like a cheap suit!

Still, I figured that it would take a month or two for him to roll over and pee down his leg.  I didn’t plan on it being the very first weekend I had moved.

So I put it to him; did he instigate it.  Push me?

He didn’t say that he had outright, but he did mention it couldn’t have worked anyhow.  The house in Glen Waverley was all about me and what I liked; how I liked to live.  Then there was the added nail in the coffin; I didn’t like listening to Jazz.

Kidding right..?  I actually laughed initially until I realised he was serious.  WTF?  So because I don’t want to listen to Miles Davis we are done?  Hell, I never listened to Cold Play when he was around as he doesn’t like them.  I reserved that for in my car music!

Although I can concede that he is correct in some regards.  The house was about me and how I like to live.  When I went to pick up something a couple of weeks after I had left, I paused to take a few happy snaps of the difference in our desired life styles…  

I was on the move so some are a little blurry, but I’m sure you get the general look, feel and smell.

Yeah.  Good luck with that.

If it wasn't so damned bizarre, it would be hilarious!

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