Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A First Kiss

I stumbled across a story about a filmmaker named Tatia Pilieva who paired up with a film studio to bring 20 strangers together for an on-camera kissing session.

My interest peaked at the concept so I slipped on my head phones and decided to tune in.

It started off with a very good looking couple who were obviously confident in their skin, if not a little nervous but then quickly skittered through what I consider to be “real life”; in that many of the couples seemed mismatched.

The combinations she had captured were so interesting to watch. Lesbians; an older woman with a younger man; gay guys (who seemed awkward, or maybe there was just zero spark there); very tall with short, unattractive with attractive.

Strangers; meeting for the first time in a studio with a crew filming and cameras… Hard to imagine you could get into the kiss; and yet some did.

Watching it made me look forward to meeting someone that I want to lean in to kiss.

If you want to take a moment out of your day to feel young and alive, you can find “First Kiss” here.

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