Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dead. To. Me.

No one on the planet does dead to me like I do.

When it is over; it’s over.  I don’t hunt them down.  I don’t stalk them or do late night calls or texts.  They simply cease to exist.  Ever.  That is just my way; and it works.  It means there is no long drawn out pain – it’s like lancing a boil.

The Squeeze is in dead to me zone.   His behaviour over the last month has been mystifying.  Shocking really.  I just can’t fathom what it is that I missed; and I obviously missed something.  Still, I guess it doesn’t matter what I missed now.

It still makes me shake my head that this emotional cripple is treating me like I killed his dog or burned his house down.  

I sent his last couple of emails to my best friend who replied to say “what the …?  How cold and emotionless!  There is something not quite right there….”

I’ve always thought that hideous nose picking child of his has “Asperger’s”; definitely some form of personality disorder.  Now I am certain that he does.

Just a pity he inherited it from his father.

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