Sunday, March 9, 2014

Couples Life - Single Life

When you are suddenly single again, you realise just how much ‘couples’ life got in the way of ‘my’ life.  I hardly practiced the piano; I stopped writing; my plants all basically died.  Life got in the way.

When the Squeeze and I first started dating, I remember him being shocked that during February, I hadn’t watched television as yet that year.  Commercial television that is; if I wanted to see something, I’d download or DVD it.  There just always seemed other things to do – less boring things.  Even if you’re on your own, there are a million things you find to entertain far better than the non-stop television cycle.

Since moving, my natural preferences once again, come to the fore.  I haven’t even worked out the aerial as yet so there isn’t much in the way of television watching.  Today, I cleaned and pottered around the kitchen cooking Italian and listening to opera.  Even better, I traipsed upstairs to my balcony and picked fresh rosemary and basil to cook with.  Suddenly I have a downstairs garden of potted plants that are once again thriving; and a balcony full of herbs and a cute metal dog named Eddie.

I only have a television upstairs so it’s music or silence when downstairs.  Frankly, I’m okay with silence also.

I took my son to the airport for a flight to Queensland at 6am and then spent the day on my own; rattling around my house - cleaning, cooking and thinking.

Out of nowhere, life throws you a loopy.  Suddenly you’re alone when you didn’t expect to be.  Still, today has made me remember the small things in life that I love that have fallen by the wayside and I realise that perhaps being single isn’t such a bad thing.

Other than the fact that I miss my Dad, today was a good day.

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