Monday, March 10, 2014

I’m In Love…

In love with my new place.

It felt like home from the first time I walked through it.  Glen Waverley was lacking in character.  It was big; it was new… but it was slapped together to be sold quickly and it lacked the quality and style that an older, art deco place has.   That isn’t even taking into consideration that a ‘man’ designed it – and not very well.  I mean what type of house doesn’t have a linen press..?  And lighting over the bench you are preparing meals at; as opposed to behind it so that you are cutting in the shadow.

It just never felt like home and as the ex-Squeeze stated on our last catch up; we have opposing views on what ‘home’ should look, feel and smell like.  

I can’t describe how bad Glen Waverley smelled.  No amount of air freshener could dispel it.  There was an old movie with Charlton Heston in it called “The Ten Commandments”.   When the pharaoh refuses to set Moses’s people free, Moses sends a green fog that seeps through the city.  I think it killed the first born male child of each house however, the vision of that is what the stench from the bedroom the toad was existing in, smelt and felt like.  I could almost see it drift down the stairs to seep that hideous stench throughout the rest of the house.  During the holidays, prior to me leaving, it took three boxes of bicarb of soda to dull that disgusting odour; although I could not eradicate it. 

I can only imagine what it the stench is like now…

So here in Ormond, I have had about five day’s straight since coming home from my parents after my Dad’s funeral.  It is now clean and things are finding their correct place; my personality is beginning to stamp on this home.   The ex-Squeeze was right.  My home has always been about me; about finding a balance between ‘spotlessly clean’ and yet keeping a vibrant, welcoming feeling. 

This home has it. 

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