Monday, November 7, 2016

More work... Umm ???

Today one of the girls that was on the panel when they hired me, told me she's leaving.

I guess I won't be the newest person in the building which is a.o.k with me!  Of course, she asked me if I wanted more hours; over the next few weeks certainly.   Sigh... I said yes.

Why would I say yes?  Well when they give me work that isn't boring, I could do it all day!   Well I figure I could.  So I guess it's time to work out if I'm restricted to 3 hours a day or not.  I've been tired, but it's a great tired.  It's a good feeling contributing.

Now I'm going to start going to some of the gigs that they run; after hours.   That will be the telling point!

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