Sunday, November 20, 2016

Beautiful. The countryside is gorgeous.

I don't think I've been up this far north before. It's as if I was in a dream. Such a glorious place.  Like Hawaii, it's humid with palm and banana trees everywhere.  The houses are so beautiful; all up high on stilts with gorgeous wrap around verandas.  And they are cheap!

Today we went sight seeing to a little town called Mingella... there is not a garden in site!!!  It was the 'outback', complete with a weird pub we stopped for lunch at. They had 2 things on the menu. Steak sandwiches and burgers with chips.  After going to the loo, a corrugated shed up the back of the property; I thought I may skip the lunch; but it was great.

Now we are back at my sisters. I'm in bed listening to the lizards outside. I'm exhausted which is weird. According to my Fitbit I've only done approximately 5000 steps. I usually manage 12000 by this time!!

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