Saturday, November 5, 2016

Candle party... WTF???

Part of being back in Geelong is that my Mum, sister and brother are here.  In fact, E and July work about 2 minutes from where I work, which is kind of cool!

My brother calls in on his way home sometimes for a bevvy or glass of red which is great.  We spent so long miles and miles apart (July lived in the UK for years), it is nice to think they are not so far away if I need them; and vice versa.

My mother conned me into going to a candle party today..?   WTF!  I don't even like candles!  Well; I do but not to decorate the house with!  Sheesh!  So that is my exciting day.  I've got to go pick her up in St Leonards and drive to Torquay; go to a candle party with a bunch of really old bats before doing in the reverse to go home!

Lucky I don't have anything better to do!   I love Geelong!  :)

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