Thursday, December 20, 2012

The insight of comments

I’ve been inundated with contact about my blog today.  Alright, inundated for me is a couple of email, some blog posts and a few texts – but they all amount to the same thing.  WTF is wrong with this woman?

My sister’s comments are my favourite.  It’s all death and doom – “she’s a raving psychopath!  Be careful!”  The less than humorous part of that is that she is spot on.    The Harridan likes to pretend she is a martyr, but truth tell, she’s more likely to set me on fire than to burn herself in protest over monks in some God forsaken country.

My brother’s text comments were funny.  “What the hell is with the spelling…?  What does she teach?  Work shop!” lol

But new friend Anonymous 1 and only friend Anonymous 2 had it right.  Segregate her poison from my blog… This was such an excellent idea I’m most definitely going to do that…  And:   I hope your partner will realize that by continuing to allow her to treat him this way, he or you or the kid will never be able to be happy. You can't while someone controls your life. It's not doing anyone any favors and will be the demise of your relationship. We all must fight for who we love and who love US. Not the ones that wish to destroy us.

How true; those words.  This is a kindred spirit and I don’t even know her name.

The upside is that all has been silent in Harridan land today.  Perhaps the threat to “block” her if she didn’t keep a civil tongue in her head gave her pause.  Either that or she suspects that I am the one that answered her lol

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  1. I'm actually anonymous 1 and 2. Haha! If I could post who I am, I would. But I've promised my partner not to so there is less ammo floating around in cyberspace. Sigh. If I knew your email I would certainly love to let you know who I am. I know how hard it is when no one else understands what craziness we go through daily.


Thanks. Better check it out but it should be up today!