Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blogging no longer means typing...

Well - I just have to come out and admit it...  This bitch has ruined my blog.  Her text messages are so beyond the pale; so in you face "raving nutcase, I'm a freaking loony" that mere words just pale into insignificance.

I no longer have to think... or type.  Why would I?  How can you compete with these gems..?

This is today's rant...


  1. Wow. This is exactly why we are low contact in our situation. We just don't respond unless it's civil and about the child only. Maybe you should start a separate blog for her abusive tirades and keep this one for you. Either way I love your blog and will continue to read. :)

  2. Oh! What a fantastic idea... I'll add a separate page for them.
    I seriously don't want to let them just slide by the wayside :)
    It's time consuming putting all those messages together and deidentifying lol and not nearly as cathartic as simply writing!
    I'd prefer to keep contact to a minimum but it's a hard habit for the Squeeze to break I suspect. Years of control which she is fighting to keep - made obvious by her non stop demands and insults. Mostly, it's delusional, as per the "you have him one night a fortnight and don't do anything else for him..." - what a joke.
    Thanks Anonymous!

  3. It took awhile for us to break the cycle (i.e. Don't poke the bear). We've pretty much perfected it now but boy do we have some cuckoo texts and voicemails from over the years! I am the same poster that said I'm still in the thick of it and still am. It sounds crazy but it's helpful to know someone else deals with Crazy. We are both much happier since we've gone low contact. I hope your partner will realize that by continuing to allow her to treat him this way, he or you or the kid will never be able to be happy. You can't while someone controls your life. It's not doing anyone any favors and will be the demise of your relationship. We all must fight for who we love and who love US. Not the ones that wish to destroy us. Btw, I read your book and really enjoyed it.


Thanks. Better check it out but it should be up today!