Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dredilocks and the fearful Moodle...

The idiot that I live with doesn't get what I mean when I tell him it’s time to ‘man up’; ‘nut up’; shut her down already.  She’s horrible!   And attempting to explain it to him is a thankless expedition into the mind of a simpleton.  He can’t understand what I mean when I say “Jesus!  Would you stop Moodling around and tell her to get stuffed like 99% of the rest of humanity would in your position! 

Non-stop orders!  Abuse!  Demands!”

Last night, while attempting to give him the ‘shut her down or I will’ discussion, I explained it in as simple terms as possible.

Hell, if I’d have had to dumb it down anymore, it would have started with “Once upon a time, there was a tiny, scared little bear named “the Moodle”.   He lived in fear of the hideous, evil velvet wearer named Dredilocks – with her red-back infested hair…”  I’m sure you get my drift.

Instead, I merely said “just say Saturday morning rolls around and I get a string of text message demands from some guy – and I’m actually stupid enough to jump to those orders – how would you feel..?”  I think he got my drift, but probably not enough to nut up.

Below, is Saturday mornings treat – before he went to cricket and copped the live version…

Yes.  This is an actual snap shot.

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