Thursday, December 27, 2012

Putting the Ho into Ho Ho Ho!

I can’t believe that the Harridan is so lacking in common sense, that she would storm the place on Boxing day and demand that the Squeeze, Kid 1 and Kid 2, all front up outside so she can tell them all point blank that ALL COMMUNICATION MUST GO VIA HER.

Yes…  How DARE we invite the Squeeze’s kids to a Boxing day dinner – without organising it via her.   My mistake; but then I didn’t realise...  I mean given that two of them don’t live at home, I just couldn't foresee an issue.  

And what did that achieve..?   I mean other than upsetting everyone – including her own children.

Yes.  What a martyr.  Everything she does is for the kids.  Everything....


  1. oh what a cow! Why don;t the kids rebel against her? How does she manage to have such a hold over them. What it they all told her to take a hike?

    velvet wearing cat lover who os not a ho nor a bimbo nor a beech :)

  2. I think it is years of "domination".
    Not dissimilar to the Squeeze.
    A gaggle of Moodles if you will lol

  3. Knowing you, as I do, how is this woman still breathing??

  4. Simple really. Her breathing is the one thing I absolutely do want.
    Otherwise I've got the kid full time from here on in... :-)


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