Monday, December 3, 2012

But wait; there is more....

The Harridan called tonight while we were at boxing.  In fact judging by the list of missed calls I saw for a brief flicker when he tossed the phone on the table as we got in the door, I assume she called multiple times.

His first mistake was to return the call (or answer another call, I'm not sure which)...  But that is the point that begins her ranting and raving about the fact that if she breaks the lease on the Blackburn house, she'll have to pay $500.  Frankly, I think this is rather generous.  Of course history would show that she has probably only got half the story and the $500 is the breaking lease/advertising charge.  She hasn't yet worked out that she has to continue to pay rent while the agent finds another sucker to pay through the nose for a dark, ugly, box of a house.

But the general gist of her conversation is "what are you going to do about it!!!??"

Of course I'm only hearing one side of the conversation, but to hear that damned Moodle say "I don't have to worry about that yet" nearly made me bust my spleen.

Why does he ever have to worry about it?  Why does he not say what 99% of the sane population would say???  Ie:  "your problem you dumb cow!  You signed a lease.  Nothing to do with us!  You work it out!  I don't want to hear about it!"

But no.  It was "I don't have to worry about it yet..." and then my stress levels shoot through the roof again as the realisation kicks in...  Now that a week has spun by and she has changed her mind again, that will mean that the whole "if she moves, I'm getting a place with the kid" rears its ugly head again; is hanging over my head again - and once again, I'm left wondering what the hell is happening.

And suddenly I realise that this whole damned one sided life is getting less attractive by the moment.

In short; move out moron.  I no longer care.

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