Saturday, November 19, 2011

Washing: A Necessity; not a Luxury

The last few times Kid 3 has been here for a weekend, he has smelled.  I’m talking creepy, unwashed old man kind of smell.  It is not just him, his clothes reek of it.  It makes me physically wretch.  I have a keen sense of smell and a weak stomach.  I’m wondering if she is saving up clothes until they have this stench, prior to sending him here; but I can’t believe anyone would be that cruel to their own kid.
I’ve mentioned the smell several times to the Squeeze; and combined it with ‘the’ discussion.  Hell, this lack of hygiene thing needs to be addressed with the Harridan – not just for me, but for him.  Not to mention that smell permeates the spare room.  And it is getting worse.  Last time he was here I had to undo the car window and stick my head out like a dog going on a ride (minus my tongue hanging out) whenever we went anywhere; yes, it seriously was that overpowering.

This morning, I got up and sent the Squeeze out to cook breakfast on the bbq while I made us coffee on our new coffee machine (which I am actually becoming quite skilled at I may just add in there)  We sat down to breakfast but I only made it half way through mine before gagging and making an excuse to eat in the kitchen.  I could not physically sit in the same room as him.
I don’t get it.  I don’t understand it.  What sort of pig is this woman?  When we raised the idea of having a shower, he replied that he wasn’t able to due to his toe; hadn’t had a shower since Wednesday week ago – WTF???  10 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mentioned that I had my toe done years ago and I managed to shower after a day or so to which he replied that his had been infected which delayed things.  I of course, had to say “yeah; probably because you don’t fricking shower…”  So he slunk off back to stink out the spare room.
Okay.  There are no if’s or but’s here.  I’m not going to gag in my own home; so either the kid showers and changes clothes, or off the pair go.  He had a shower (after much arguing) and the Squeeze gave him a pair of jeans and a clean t-shirt (which I will wash and take back tomorrow) while I moved his stuff from the washing basket to the washing machine with a stick…

No undies.  No socks.  Just jeans and a t-shirt.  Dumb bitch.  I mean how hard is it to ensure the kid has packed some clothes to wear.  But not her; she sends only the reeking, vile jeans and t-shirt he changed into.  I quite literally, would have been happy to toss the whole lot in a garbage bag.
This must have a profound effect on forming any kind of friendship; bonding is out while you are gagging.  Poor kid.  Of course, I can’t guarantee she isn’t storing a pair of jeans and t-shirt in the garage and bringing them out each weekend he is with us; but I suspect not – the kid doesn’t seem to be gagging.

Aside from that, we went out to dinner with the boys and had a good time.  They had a card and he received money to go buy a kindle – so I was pleased with that.  He deserves a present.  Kid 2 is really quite the conversationalist when he gets going; and even better, I was impressed at how wrapt he was to get my old television.
The only sour note on the evening was when it was mentioned that Kid 3 was changing schools… Again.

How nice it is to be a parent and guardian; yet strangely, not even consulted on things like this.  Frankly, I would stop her – A: to prove a point;   B: because the kid has no friends now.  C:  we are not putting in for another new school uniform.
The tent, if not returned tomorrow; is hers.  He has told her that he will keep $250 of her maintenance next payment; which I will believe when I see it.  I know that he is full of empty threats; as does she.  And he would rather lie to me than wear her wrath I suspect. 

Having said that, lies have a way of coming out at inopportune moments; and if he lies to me on this, we are done.
I’m thinking about asking the kid about how often his mother washes his clothes…

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