Sunday, November 20, 2011

The List to Address

Well the Squeeze departed to take Kid 3 home this afternoon (thank God).  These weekends totally wring me out; exhaust me…   Everything is such a drama and my stress levels soar.   The sending off without clothes; the non-showering; the laziness.  The reality that she is a pig; the Squeeze is a pig (if I let it take control) and between them, them have bred the laziest bunch of piglets I have ever seen.

After we forced the kid to have a shower even though he carried on because the foot had to be inside a bag, inside another bag and sealed with medical tape (all for a minor toenail operation done 1.5 weeks ago mind you); I found the soggy bags laying on the bedroom floor with the clothes that needed the stick removal (I made the Squeeze get them and take them to the laundry because I sure as hell wasn’t touching them).  Then we had the “tinea” issue – yeah, thanks for alerting us to the fact that the kid has a fungus!  Common courtesy would suggest that maybe, she should give us a heads up to that.  But no… Not this bitch.

I’m to the other extreme of this family of sloths and I’d rather be stripped naked, covered in honey and staked to an ants nest than use anyone else’s towel; so the last time the fungus came to town, I got out of it unscathed.   The Squeeze was not so lucky, acquiring “jock itch” or some sort of fungus in the penis region.
There wasn’t a hope in hell that thing was going anywhere near me until it was totally gone; and don’t think I didn’t demand a light on inspection before I conceded!

So the laziness, the fungus, the sheer unadulterated lazy bitchiness of it all…  WTF?  For your information, I’m wearing a bright red summer dress; I’m not in a maid’s costume!  And I can’t even blame the kid because this is the fault of the parents.  I already know what Kid 2’s place is like – it’s the new ‘clean freak hell’.  Kid 1 – wouldn’t know but knew the state of his room at clean freak hell.  Now this budding little pig inflicted on society!

We were in the car for a long time today so I was doubly glad I’d pushed the shower, change of clothes thing, but sorry I’d washed his school uniform too – I should have left that for her and next time, I’ll make sure it’s secured in a plastic bag dirty and she can gag when she opens it!
So off he went down to velvet wearing land.  He had sent a text prior stating “if the tent isn’t collected today; you bought it” – but we all know it won’t be there, and I seriously doubt he will proceed with the “bought it part”; and someone in this partnership has to be the materialistic weasely one; someone has to save this idiot from himself!  
So if he arrives without it and doesn’t doc her maintenance, then we are back to the kid not coming in January when she ‘wants’ us to have him – and I will ensure it happens.  I will make sure the house is packed to rafters with other invitee’s on the same damned week – because I refuse to roll over continuously for this bitch.
In the scheme of things, that seems small by comparison since he also had the “don’t forget to discuss the non-showering; the no packing of clothes; the tent and who the hell she thinks she is in changing schools without even a discussion!!!”

Frankly, I’m tipping none of that will be done.

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