Saturday, November 12, 2011

Champagne Headache

Well it’s my own fault but I awoke with a headache today.  Last night I had just over a bottle of champagne; all by myself.  But hey, it was the end of the week; and not only that, it was a pretty good week.  I closed a deal at work that has taken forever; I got fed up with work and applied for 3 jobs (two I suspect were the same through different agencies). 

The Squeeze finally sent the Harridan an email to say “if I don’t get the tent back, I’ll consider you purchased it and take it from your maintenance.”  Yes, yes; that is the easy part I know and he has, up until this point at least, been full of empty threats.  Upon receipt, she will toss her head back, spikes to the wind and give a maniacal laugh at those words.

Also on that communiqué, was the reminder that according to their agreement for maintenance made in March/April, she is now responsible for the purchase of books and uniforms so to plan accordingly.  I have no doubt that she will have figured he would pony up the cash for these things.  In reality, he can’t do that.  He struggles to make it pay to pay now and I’m sure as hell not sitting home all Christmas/New Year because she hasn’t planned for it and used maintenance for that which it should be used for.  And why not?  She and the kids are flying to Perth for Christmas, so she can’t be doing it too tough.

I know that she is an art teacher, but common maths is quite obviously above her pay grade.  Last year the “fair deal” was her pay $150 for books, he pay “$800” for uniforms.  Like he paid for Kid 2 to fly to Vietnam to which she insisted her part was equal in cost.  She paid the “travel insurance”.

She finally took the kid in to have his toenail operated on; I didn’t think he would actually have the spine to castigate her for it and he did in fact finish his email with a comment regarding her making decisions and not including him in this process.  He even put a little dart in there by stating this could all have been avoided if it had of been attended to a year ago…  Power to him.

It only took 1.5 years of pain for the kid which in my book is bloody child abuse.  The funny part was that he was told after the event; and then only by the kid.  I can only imagine the fire and hell that would rain down on him if this little trick were reversed. 

Fine by me; my only proviso was that when he has a day off school, she expects the Squeeze to take a day off work; drive across town and back; to babysit (a 14.5 year old kid) and then take him back across town.  I did pause to say that I didn’t want us to have him; she could take time off and look after him.  It’s damned painful – I know, I’ve had it done.  And if here, I’d have been loading him with drugs for the pain – which she would never allow – so she could bloody well look after him.   He laughed at that and he is right.  As if there was a hope in hell that she would allow him to come here; we all know that are simpletons that are simply not capable of looking after him after his fricking minor ingrown toe op.  Dumb cow.

Will be interested to see the reply he receives to the email.  Will be more interested to see if I even get to see it or be told about it….

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