Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mercy of Technology

My world, I have discovered, is at the mercy of technology.
Last night we went down to Aireys’s Inlet which according to is about a 1.45 trip.  No so.  Try 2.25 hours.  It may have been a five hour round trip however, this time was well spent.  I caught up with old friends and realise how lucky I have been to have great people cross my path.
Today, it was the Squeeze’s birthday.   He woke early to me bouncing on the bed and singing “is it your birthday today…” – an old Play School song that played and birthday names rolled past.  Actually, that was only when I ran off to get my well hidden gift.  He had been sleeping and so I turned to face him; watching.  I knew he would sense it, he always does.  Suddenly one eye opens and looks at me. 

Birthdays have always been important in my family; I gather not so much in his.  Christmas and father’s/mother’s days – yeah; but a birthday is the one day of the year that is yours.
I got him a card with his name spelled out on cheer leader pom poms (how) and an electric mandolin that had taken me much searching to find the exact one I wanted which was not about features, because let’s face it, I don’t know one from the next.  It was about how it looked.  Plain and classy as opposed to in your face Memphis stuff.

This seemed like a great idea because he plays guitar and I figured one string thing is the same as the next; but it seems instead, I gave the gift of grief.  They are not the same.  I don’t play anything, (although have wanted a piano since I was about ten and still say I will get one, one day…)  Still, it felt as though he was playing the mandolin like a guitar; and it sounded wrong.  We have decided to get him lessons…
The gift of grief it may have been, but at least I remembered and celebrated the day with a card and gift and a cooked breakfast.  Kid 1 didn’t remember at all.  Kid 3 remembered late this afternoon and Kid 2 met us on the other side of town.

Back to the title of this blog…   It will be an exceedingly short, sharp blog.  My laptop that has only just clicked over one year old but is a core 7, so no slouch – has been popping up warnings to backup – the hard disk is faulty.  Stupid hard disk.
What this means for most of humanity, is a huge problem.

What that means to me, who is backed up and backed up again – and currently doing a full backup… The person that of course, spent the extra $150 and purchased extended warranty is a minor hiccup while I take it in and tell them I need the hard disk replaced!
You do have to love the way modern computers work.  They don’t just die willy nilly; they actually prepare you for the event!

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