Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dawn Breaking

Dawn was not watched when it happened at my place; I didn’t wake until about nine given that my daughter and I went off to a 12.01am showing of Breaking Dawn, part one of the last of the Twilight movies.  They leave it so long between movies that I keep thinking I’ll be disappointed.  I wasn’t; it was actually pretty good. 

Of course it is so damned romantic that you can’t help but leaving the movie wondering what you did wrong as you get into bed next to a lump that doesn’t even wake up!  I’m not even hoping for the sparkly super human bit!
My daughter and I have gone to the 12.01 session on opening night each Twilight movie; it’s become tradition.  There we were last night, in Gold Class, lying back in our chairs, food and drink coming; the girl with a gold class blanket over her, stretched out like a queen.

Tomorrow is all about moving.  I’ve taken today and tomorrow off so that I can help clean out my garage and get the girl and her never ending pile of stuff, moved.  It will be good for her to have her own place, it will be good to have a garage again finally!
So tomorrow I get to lug stuff about all day and then go across to the other side of town to have dinner with the Squeeze and his heathens.  I still have a tiny piece of hope that they will turn up with a card and gift; although I’m thinking that I won’t hold my breath.  I’ve told them what happens in my house to selfish kids who couldn’t give a hoot about their parent – but in the end, it is the Squeeze that has to teach them the art of consideration – and I can’t see that happening anytime soon.

In moving the girl, I asked him if Kid 2 on his side wanted a television stand and a large television that she no longer needed as she bout a flat screen and surround sound.  Okay, it isn’t the trendiest new item; but it works and is a good brand.  Hell, I’d been using it up until last year.  When he came home, he said that the girlfriend wasn’t impressed that he had bought it over there because it was only 3 or so inches bigger than the one they were using and she wanted a flat screen.  WTF?
I don’t think he understood my “beggars can’t be choosers” line; nor my frosty “it’s quite simple… go to school, get an education and a real job and you get to buy yourself the things that you want.  Stay on the dole or just do bar work when you have to; and you probably don’t get to buy nice things”. 

In short, she fell about four rungs on my ladder of respect.

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