Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthday Dinners

We are off out for dinner tonight catching up with all 3 of the Squeeze’s boys, and boy 2’s partner.  The Squeeze, Boy 1 and 2 all have birthdays around the same time.  The Squeeze was annoyed that he went to bed last night without working out what he had bought and who it was going to.
I’m sure they are all doing the very same thing today….   Not.  And I’m seriously going to attempt just to nod and smile tonight.  If they turn up empty handed, selfish swine’s, then I won’t say a word…

I’ve got the day off but instead of relaxing, I’m helping the girl move her stuff.  I got a text at 8am asking me to wash some towels and bedding for her so they were fine when they got to the new place.  Sheesh.  So much for a sleep in.
To make it worse, it’s hot here today.  In the 30’s and humid.  My brand new coffee machine is sitting on the bench and I’ve manage to read enough to pull it down, wash it and put it back; but don’t have the time to read the next bit and work out actually making myself a coffee or I’ll still be in my pyjamas when the moving crowd arrive!

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