Monday, January 9, 2017

Wow. Rude as!!

I think I'm kind of seeing this guy, but it isn't in stone; it relatively new.  In fact, I suggested we take our profiles down and he said no... (not like that, but it may as well been).  So I said fine; I'll leave mine up too.  Don't blame me if a Hugh Jackman comes along in the mean time!!  (I am a double for Deborra-Lee Furness...  Mind you, it couldn't be Vivian Lee or someone equally as beautiful but I'll take Debra.  I mean she snagged Hugh Jackman!)

So the next day, I get someone else contact me.  I figure what the heck... I left for Sydney not long after so there is no time to meet. But I liked him.

Anyway, I got back from Sydney last week and the first guy came for lunch on Saturday and stayed until after dinner.  We got along great and so I asked him straight out; but he said he's not seeing anyone else.  On that note, I contacted the other guy and said I'm sick...  Ok.  This is awkward.  I'd better think...

But then the second guy reads my blog and sees that I've seen this first guy.

Well... Suffice to say when he sent me email 3 or 4 that said "you look pretty old and weathered and sly too boot and I can see fungus on you..." well I had had it by then!

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