Monday, January 23, 2017

I haven't got time for that...

Well I got dumped by Allan (Allan, Allan...) which is ok.  I kept waiting to see if I would fall for him; or at least begin to fall.  Other than for a second at the start, I basically felt nothing.

So I'm not going to look for a next one; well not yet anyway.

It's too hard and I get too tired.  What with work and my business and now my board game and a course...  There just isn't anything left over.  When there is time left, I'd rather spend it with friends!

On Saturday I went to Melbourne and had lunch with CC.  And a good laugh!  Still, I always have a good laugh with her!  Oh except we went and saw Jackie in the afternoon. It was good, but how I didn't go and kill myself is beyond me!  Wow; depression!!!

Dinner was with the Hunchback (yes the one I started this blog about years ago...)  We manage friends well.  It's where we started after all...

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