Thursday, January 5, 2017

Settling back into some kind of life...

I've been back for the week.  It's been full on!

My daughter left to move two states away; sunny Queensland.  I'll miss her like crazy, even though I love my house clean!  Well it is sort of clean.  I'm going room by room cleaning.  So far, I've done the bathroom and her bedroom!  I haven't really cleaned it for months...

But she needs a life.  Nearly thirty and still living with me...  I said to her make sure she changes things.  Don't go up there and live the same life.

It will be good for her.

Me...  I'm just moseying though life at the minute.  My brain is doing plasticity or some such thing. I couldn't think about anything two years ago.  Now I'm thinking as I always did.  Just not conversing well...

Next, I'll have to get a job I expect.  That will be harder than it seems since my mouth and my brain don't connect all the time!  But I'll leave that until next month!

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