Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Planning... A life!!!

Last night, Allan called in for a beer and tidied my roses.  It wasn’t planned; well not longer than half an hour!  He only stayed for one beer, partly because I mentioned that I was expecting my son lol.  He left and Dylan arrived.  I gave him some lunch to take home and something I had printed out for him… 
Then my daughter called via Facetime and walked us through her new house.  They haven’t got it how they want it yet but it is getting there…  I think they have made the right move because she looked blissfully happy.  I haven’t seen her look like that for a long time.
Tonight I have E and Renee coming for dinner.  All I have to do is put it on when I get home!  I prepared it this morning…  So a pork belly and wine night!  They don’t have a heap of friends either since they only moved here a bit before I did.  When we were in Sydney, we decided we would catch up once a week and so this is the first one.
Tomorrow, I have Dylan coming for tea; him being the only kid of mine left that is within a 20 mile radius….
Friday I am going out for dinner with Maxine, a cool dog owner.  We have been chatting every time we meet walking our dogs and so I thought I’d up the ante and ask her to dinner; seeing as how my friends are limited here!  It seems it is the case for her also because she jumped at the chance!  So we are doing dinner and some live music.
Then Saturday, I’ve got brunch with Allan…
I like him but last night he suggested he probably wouldn’t have liked the old Carol.  That shouldn’t phase me because I actually wasn’t that fond of her either.  It is hard work doing the depths of despair to the dizzying highs that was my life.  It was exhausting! I like the more even me; the one with a dog! (I wouldn’t have had a dog because the hair would make a mess) 
I wonder if he thinks I’ll become her again..? 
I won’t, but I wonder just the same!

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