Sunday, January 15, 2017

I'm tired! I need to go to bed early!!

Yesterday we went to the Mussel Festival!

By we, I mean Allan and I. We walked around all day which is funny if you think on it; since I'm allergic to seafood!  But there was plenty to eat and buy!  There were little stalls with everything you could imagine!  From oil to spices to clothes and knives! Being a knife aficionado, means buying them whether I have a million of them or not; and I couldn't go past chili infused oil!

We listened to music for a while but it was a Taylor Swift thing and so the band played her all day.

Being sick of the music and the fifteen year old's who knew every word and proceed to sing in the crowd, we left.  We walked up the road not really remembering where the car was but we figured it was on the main road....  We couldn't go past this little wine bar.  I called Ian and Renee, who we ran into at the festival, and they came up.  All was well until I dropped my chili oil  :(   It smashed and sent oil everywhere.

We gave them a ride home and stayed for dinner!

If I had to listen....

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