Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life.... Are we there yet..?

Well so far today I got up early and walked the dog.

I suspect he’s missing Ally like crazy who used to mollycoddle him no end… She couldn’t manage to be firm with him in a pink fit and she was home all the time; so he got affection all day.  I’m trying…  When I get home from work I park out the front, go in and get him and take him to the oval to run off a bit of steam. He’s been inside and out to the back yard all day.  It must drive him mad…  I’ve got a small back yard!

Of course I’ll have to do better than yesterday.  He zipped out the gate and ran all over the place. I was scared of the road but he just wouldn’t come… So I got in the car and opened the back door and slowly started driving off and he jumped in!  Tonight I'll position myself at the opening and make sure every hole is blocked off!

My days are taking on a routine.  When I get home from playing with the dog, I’ll clean up (which generally consists of vacuuming the dog hair in the rooms open to him); then I’ll do one thing…  Either clean windows, or fridge or some such thing.  At the rate I’m going it will look gleaming in no time! Then I’ll cook dinner and watch something!

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