Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The End....

I've decided this blog should end.

Dating a Hunchback was a funny name I picked for the squeeze... Who could never quite commit.  Now in a world without the Squeeze, the ex wife from Hell, the child who snots on the wall and the other two kids - it is over.

Every single march along romantic lines, was difficult.  All the way from him wearing his wedding ring ("But I like it!") to the 67 text messages he received in one day, to the stolen tent, to him; convinced that ALL communication go through her.   They are back to sharing birthdays; and I bet he pays!

In reality, I don't want my thoughts to be read by him.

I'm pretty sure that the American blogs instigated the return to 'loved up land'.  Only to discover that he didn't love me after all.  All it did was to hurt me (when he blamed me; "don't tell anyone!!!") and ended it and swiftly as it started.  Luckily I was in hospital so I didn't linger, over thinking it.

But either way, it is his problem.  I've had this Bad Romance...

So; on with a new blog...,.

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