Sunday, April 5, 2015

Oh well...

Confusion is out. 

I'd sat there on the weekend tossing and turning the idea of the Moodle Take II, in my head. Should I? Shouldn't I? Then there was reaction. Everyone said the same thing, various faces of horror.  

And what about the new guy..? Who I'll admit, figured bigger than life. What about all the bullshit and lies the kid said about me.  I mean I could get over it; couldn't I? Well I could if he lived somewhere else. 

And speaking of the new guy, I'd talked to him more than I had the Moodle, which annoyed me no end.

I mean this guy said he loved me. 
He did love me. 
But you can't fight a kid. 

In the end it was this blog that dragged me down like a dappled deer in the snow. 

Because of what I said about the kid. Looks like I don't get the chance to see if it goes away!

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