Thursday, April 16, 2015

All through the house...

Perhaps there is more than one thing stirring in this night before Christmas...

For one, it's not Christmas. For two, I'm at a hospital; not home in bed. Three; oh hell, I don't remember 3. Blame it on the brain damage. 

Day 6 and I'm losing my temper. I should have lost it on day 3 but on no; the new model of me; the Bain damaged one thinks everyone needs a further shot.  Further shot be damned. Just gives them time to line me up. 

But they got it, more time. And before I got one Neurosrgeon in here to talk to me. 

I cried, talked and bemoaned to the neurosurgon that finally came to let me know what's happening. So happy was I just to be told. 

That's all I wanted. Day 6 of watching life pass me by is enough. 

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