Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hurry up already life!!!

I got up this morning before the alarm went off and felt surprisingly good; not great, but good.  Okay the Moodle didn't want me; I could live with that. All in all, he didn't love me enough.  I had a shower and washed my hair; alright there were the odd bits sticking up where the doctor cut it, but all in all it looked good!  I put make up on; stepped into a black dress and some back heels and was right to go.

I walked out of the house carrying my laptop bag, there was, if not a spring in my step, at least a little jaunt.

I was on my way to work.  First time since November last year.  Although I'll admit that my brain isn't A+, it's better than it was in December (like I know my name).

I park the car and walk into work...
and that is where it stops.

I find that I haven't got 'back to work' clearance from my neurosurgeon; even though I went and asked him for it after last weeks 'back to work' meeting.  Worse, I can't work without it.  So I go downstairs and find he is in surgery all day but will complete it when I have an appointment tomorrow; present it to his colleagues Friday.  At this rate, I should be back at work come next Monday!

God.  This afternoon I had rehab.  The girl who is my Social Worker had me in there crying the afternoon away.  Crying because the Moodle didn't love me.  Crying because I couldn't work; was too stupid too in any case.  Crying because my boss said I should sit somewhere else!

At least I've given her purpose as she navigates through this shitty life.  She suggested I sue!

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