Wednesday, April 1, 2015

But... As good as it is...

I'll walk away if I have to...

The kid was revolting; picking his nose and wiping on the wall and that was only that obvious thing; he did plenty not so obvious.  I tried to get that through to him tonight.  He should have sided with me and sent him back home for a couple of weeks.  Not doing that, meant that the swine could treat me like crap.  And he did.

But I'm the adult here.  I'll make concessions.  The concession I'll make is ill suck it up and be second; but only until November.

I won't live with him; even as much as I love the Moodle; I won't be put last all the time.
The kid is nearly 18.  At that point, Moodle has done enough.  It's time for us.

All that said; he really is something.  Even having dinner tonight it was like yesterday.  I love him.  It's as simple as that.

Even as simple as that, if I'm put last all the time - that will be it for me.

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