Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ok. Going to continue!!!!

Amazing! The emails I got about finishing the blog...  So many that I decided to limp along for a while.  I mean surely I would come across a new Squeeze sooner or later. Right?

Granted the new Squeeze may not be 4'6'', highly amusing and 61 yo.  But maybe he wouldn't be as hard work either; and I mean hard!  He probably wouldn't have an ex-wife (who was only an ex because I insisted).  He would have a savings plan.  Neither would he have a kid that picks his nose and wipes it on the wall as a "in your face bitch!" - but Hell, I'd find one... wouldn't I?

I was never going to fall in 'Lust/Love at First Site'.

I didn't believe in it anyhow.  Look at the past!  The PI who after 2 months got me fall down dead drunk and ended up in bed with him, wanting to gnaw my arm off rather than wake him up in the morning.  Somehow from there, I was madly in love after three months....

The rest of them happened the same.  The Squeeze was 11 years!  It was like waking up one morning and the dog talks to you!

But then I'd never met him...  

6'1" (I'm only 5'7")
Swims daily (read great body)
51 yo  (younger than me by 2 years!!  Well almost!)
Plays guitar & mandolin.
Doctor (not where I work either!)
Crazy. He likes me.

and to make it even more ridiculous, I like him! A lot!  I'm going to my sisters the weekend after next - and thinking about asking him!

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