Thursday, May 14, 2015

Going to the Models....

I don't know who it is that knows.  I don't care.  But I bought 2 tickets to the Models tonight!

Yay!  They were so good when I saw them last time.  In fact the last time I saw them was one of the last times I went out with the Squeeze and the Carlton Crew.  We had such fun, groovin and rockin our arse's off.  It was one of the last times that the Squeeze felt like he belonged; at least wanted to belong.

I remember the first time I saw them.  I was 21, dressed like a cool twenties type woman. I was incredibly thin. Madly in love with my ex-husband no 2.

Now this time I go with the man of the moment.  And if not him, then one of my girlfriends.   In the end, they are probably worth more anyhow!

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