Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life is Funny!

Life is funny.   I'm back at work, and I think I could handle more hours.  I'm tired, but I suspect I was tired before I went to that fateful "we'll just close this shunt off and see..." last November.

Today I got to work by quarter to eight.  I feel happy.  Relatively so anyhow.  I'm feeling the love at work which is nice.  Far better than my boss who just doesn't know that your supposed to care about other people!  I had the chief medical officer come and ask how I was and the director of radiology came up while I was getting my coffee.  It felt good; although I cringed when the radiology guy said he been up to see my twice but I was asleep!  (More like I was out of it and I didn't want them to remember me like that!)

No drinking again; I'm always clear headed when I totally abstain.  The other day I drank with a friend and I was retarded the next day (or gave the appearance of it!).  So alcohol I can have only when someone comes around, and I have to really limit myself on a work night.

As for the 51 year old; player.  Don't think I will see him again.  Probably just as well...

I'm beginning to think I would just do better with my girlfriends...

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