Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What happened to the drought..?

Jeez.  The last potential date slid into the sunset; well he is still around but I am listening to my gut – and my gut says run

I went to Ballarat the other weekend and came home with a stack of records.  One was from 1985 - “Do Re Mi (Deborah Conway) - "Man Overboard" 1985.

I mentioned to the record shop guy (who is 46) that I had purchased it and he laughed and mentioned his father had been in a long term relationship with Deborah Conway.  He had played around her in the end and she’d written a song about it.  His dad owned some large band venue in Sydney… 

Yeah.  Tree.  Apple.  Not winning me over here…  And the gut is already swirling.  I hate it when people call me Darl… or Honey… it’s stupid.  Okay that isn’t a great reason to kick someone to the kerb but I’m sticking to it!

Every so often, one comes along that you just click with.  The base player was one; until he turned out to be a dick.  Wanting me to go away for the weekend five seconds in and being snooty when I said no.  Weird really.

Now there is a 51 yo Theatre Technician who has zoomed up the ranks to first place.  His first email had my heart thumping.  Hell, it was well written – he used punctuation for crying out loud!  He works in my industry.  He’s smart.  Funny.  Has a vinyl collection!

What the Hell will be wrong with this one…

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