Friday, August 8, 2014

And that’s when it dropped…

Ha!  Life went as expected...  :(  Things were moving along so fantastically with the base player that I began to have a sinking feeling wondering when the anvil was going to drop out of the sky and hit me in the head!  I knew it…  Sheesh, I’m basically Wile E Coyote; and I’m not even trying to eat someone.  Just date them.

We met.  It was easy.  It was nice.  I could see myself spending time with him; and liking it!  We had long conversations and hours of text entertainment.  He was funny, articulate, and tall!!!  I could basically wear any damned shoes I liked!  He wasn’t fat, or even tubby – just a gorgeous, flat stomach, long legs and no handles on the side.

He was into music, played in a band for crying out loud!  When he was driving me home the other night he turned the stereo up and sung his lungs out – just like I do!  He was better looking in real life than in his photos, nice clothes...  Groovy clothes...  And his ex-wife is an ex and out of the picture.  Bonus, he only had one adult kid who did not live with him.   He liked me; and I liked him so much that my sister sent me an email to ask “should I be shopping for a frock!?” [You guessed it; she’s a sarcastic bitch {who I love really}]

You may wonder, where in all this, is the anvil is figuring. 

As expected, it dropped out of the sky the night before last when he sent me a long winded text about a tree falling on the roof of his place in the country.  Although we had planned for him to come to my place for dinner tonight, he would instead need to do a service on his car on the Friday prior to heading up to the country tomorrow for emergency roof repair.

Here was an idea; why don’t I come to his place for dinner tonight and then in the morning, we can both head up to the country for the weekend!

Ummmm.   Yeah.  Nah...  What’s wrong with that..?  I mean he told me he has spare rooms in both houses so we could kick back and spend time and get to know one another. Truth tell, I liked him enough that I may have even considered going for about 3.2 seconds.  

Then I thought about what I’d say if the girl came home to tell me she was squeaking off to the country for the weekend with a guy she met on the internet; after only a week or two of conversations and the odd coffee date.   Even worse, I thought about what my Dad would say (something along the line of a shallow grave in Marysville is waiting for me...)

Okay the anvil hadn’t appeared just yet.  I didn’t mind the idea that someone I met and really enjoyed, liked me and was eager to spend time and progress our relationship.

What I didn’t like was his princess moment; where he turned surly because I said no.  Hmmm, hello anvil.  There was no negotiation or discussion…  Just surliness.  And I don’t want that.  I don’t want any dramas or hassles this time; I had enough in the last relationship to last me a lifetime.  I will stay single until the day I die rather than take that on.

I’m not dating a princess.  I just want to date someone who is in to music, relatively normal, doesn’t have some personality disorder kid or a hunchback of a wife still hanging on to his back, leg and wallet.  Someone who doesn’t make me shudder when I look at them; can hold a decent conversation!  They don’t even have to cook.

So the base player is on the dating scrap heap with the lab manager (who wasn’t a dick, but had my internal alarm ringing for other reasons...)

Tomorrow, I’m doing coffee with a farmer who has been emailing me for quite a while.  I haven’t met him until now because I wasn’t sure we have anything in common.  Still, I guess the only way to discover if we do have, is to actually meet.  

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