Sunday, August 3, 2014

Still Alive...

I'm still alive but have been flat out; both at work and home...  When I get time to sit at the computer, I'm trying to actually write and trust me, there hasn't been a lot of that either.

I spent the last two weeks at work writing a concept brief asking for twenty million dollars (and I'll be asking for a pay rise if I get it!) - even if I am still looking for a new job  :)

Friday night I went to see The Models with a friend of mine.  Sean Kelly remains oh so cool I have to say and it was good to see that they are recording!

Sean Kelly in action at the Flying Saucer Club
I got some great video of him singing "Big on Love" but it wouldn't let me upload a huge file so the blog world only gets a photo.

Last night, my brother and sister in law came up for the night and we went to the Rooftop Bar 3 doors down for a pizza and got home at 1.30 after spending four hours dancing and drinking red wine.

Today, I'm going back there on a date. (they are going to think I've got no life so just have to hang out there I guess!)  I haven't had great luck so far in the dating stakes.  Actually, I'm not really putting much effort in so I can't whine!  Still, I figure when the time is right I'll meet someone and frankly, I'm having a pretty good time with single life at the moment; other than the fact that I seem to have no time to even catch up on housework.

And the reality is that I'm not sure where I am going...  I'm applying for jobs in different areas so I guess I'm letting fate dictate!  But if I meet someone, the ability to just late fate take me where it may is kind of off the table.

Having said that, I really like the guy that I'm catching up with today.  I really like him.  He's funny (a prerequisite for any date in my world).  He's tall, 6'2" - so I don't have to retire my heels again.  And he is the base player in a band.   Basically, he ticks all the boxes!


And wow...  after today's date...  He is definitely ticking all the boxes.  If I wasn't so tired I'd be literally skipping!  Wow.  I forgot what this feels like.

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