Sunday, August 10, 2014

Keep At It...

Snap!  We are in man drought ladies; but Im telling you Persevere.  Keep at it!

Why?  Because according to the people Im meeting, many of the women on dating websites would appear to be stark raving mad with tendencies to stalking. (Lucky they arent dating dick men or theyd really know theyre alive!)

I dont get stalking. Seriously What the hell is that about..?  Why put yourself in that position..?  Why let someone think that you cant live without them..?   So my exs have always been safe with me. 

Okay   No one does DEAD to me like I do.  Im careful not to encroach on the new Squeeze life.  Mostly, I havent liked anyone enough to even try.  The ex-Squeeze is different, since we were best friends prior to me waking up one morning and discovering the cat speaking to me (which was akin to me and the ex being an item).  I loved him.  Different, I loved him as a friend, the person he was first. 

He was important.  He was my best friend.  No matter that he hurt me with his inability to man up; I didnt want to do life without my best friend!  I guess in the end, I dont control the world.

I did try to keep the friendship going, but got tired of the three word answers and so moved into the mutual silence and thats fine.  I get it.

But I regress  So far this weekend, Ive had a date with a farmer who showed me the 180k merc he just bought (frankly, I think my zoom zoom Mazda is prettier) But more important than a car, he is nice.  Just a normal, genuine guy.  Even better, he likes me!  Then there is the guy who owns a vineyard in Mildura  My sister said snag him or I will; come to think of it So did my brother lol

Then today, I went to a vinyl sale and purchased about thirty records; and the owner sent me texts throughout the night and then asked me out.

Girlfriends that are reading this  Get your ass out there!  The drought may be over. Yay!

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