Sunday, May 4, 2014

The other woman…

Quite a funny movie; although I can’t ever see myself being friends with someone who was sleeping with my husband and the thought of befriending two of them is crazy talk; still, I guess the theory could work in some cases.    

Maybe I’m getting old.  Revenge just seems like a waste of time really.  That isn’t to say I always felt that way.  I remember going to dinner when I finally shuddered to life and left the slimy private eye I had wasted years on.  I went to dinner with a group of people who were in town for a laboratory assistant seminar – no, I didn’t just latch on to a group of strangers; my sister was one of them.   We laughed and laughed as I planned, with their help, how to chemically castrate the PI. 

He was a sleazy pig so I was going with “hit him where it hurts”.  Bromide.  The name sticks to the point where I had a giggle when I discovered it was the main chemical in my rat poison.  How fitting.  Of course planning the thing is as good as doing it; I didn’t actually need to castrate him.  I just needed to get to the point where he was “dead to me”.

None of them had millions to steal.  No ex’s were worth me dispensing bromide like fairy dust.  Still, it was a good laugh and a bit of fun on a rainy, cold, Sunday afternoon!

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