Saturday, May 10, 2014

The game of thrones

Actually, that just  rolled off my fingers; I’m not blogging about the Game of Thrones even though I love that show.  I’m blogging about the dating game…

Weird.  Overnight it’s gone from slim pickings to me being up stairs repeatedly emailing or answering questions which I’ll admit has been fun.  Up until this point, I thought “sheesh!  I must be ugly and didn’t even realise it!”  I'm delusional!

But wait; maybe I'm not ugly after all because there has been a couple of quite interesting contacts today. Sadly was far too short and another, a little bit shorter, but not short enough to deter.  I text my sister to say “I’ve only just started wearing heels again after dating the bloody garden gnome for years – and I like it!” 

She replied to say I was a heightist; and of course I am no such thing…  At least things have gotten interesting.

Other than that, I’ve managed to slink outside between bouts of rain to do a walk but other than that, I’ve huddled inside watching “True Detective” and keeping warm with a hot water bottle at the small of my back.  Hope no one is looking in the windows or they’ll think I have a weird shaped bum.  

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