Monday, May 12, 2014

Beauty is in the eye…

Well I’m not exactly standing out the front of the house beating guys away with a stick, but nor am I sitting inside getting no contact from my profile either.  I’ve decided it is actually quite fun.  I forgot how nice this part is.  Everyone being nice and witty; they’ve been single for a while so they are looking as good as they can once you hit your fifties.  Yes, this is the good part - right before real life intrudes and you find yourself knee deep in crocodiles and kids and ex-wives and drama.

The original profile photo that I put up, and please note, it’s still my main shot – I really liked!  But it seemed it wasn’t ringing too many bells out in Man Land.  Since then, I’ve put some very current (the last week or two) haphazard shots of myself.  Full length and laughing; or day dreaming…  and the latest, drinking a corona in the sun on Sunday when my daughter took me out for lunch.

The guy that I have progressed to email with actually mentioned my beer shot…  Note to self; what a woman thinks looks good, is probably the opposite of what a man thinks looks good!  Beauty really in in the eye of the beholder!  And he is actually kind of cute.  A graphic artist; guitar playing, 54 yo guy who is actually taller than I am (praise the Lord!!!  Because I’ve started wearing heels again and I like it!) and only one adult child!

Okay, it’s an inroad.  It’s a move forward.  I know… I know, the chances of us hitting it off and sailing away into the sunset are next to nil.  Either way, I got a little spring in my step.  He did ask me to progress to “chatting on the phone” which I actually agreed to (and will now live in fear until I have to do it); or perhaps catch up for a coffee or drink. 

My battered self-esteem got a tiny, little puff of life in its withered corpse.

And that my friend…. Is a date.  Almost.  If you shut one eye and squint with the other it’s a date!  I’ve escaped the world of ‘Moodle, Potential Serial Killer and Harridan’ and within 4 months, I’ve managed to lose 9 kilo, get a great haircut and now, be asked out on a date.

Of course I’m not going.  Not yet.  It’s too soon.  But going isn’t the point really.  And who knows, if the phone goes well, maybe I will be ready by next weekend!

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