Thursday, May 8, 2014

Slim Pickings

Well I’m out in the world of internet dating…  I have to say that as yet, it’s been slim pickings!  They’re not exactly flocking to my door.  Damn that Moodle!  I wasted the end of my 40s on that fool!  Now I’m in the pile of 50 something year olds and everyone knows that the 50 year old guys are all stupid enough to be searching for 35 year old women. 

I say stupid because five seconds after the “young wife” nuptials; while the rice is still sticking to their badly dyed hair; they find themselves breeding again.  Sigh, the world is half full of 50 year old guys with babies.  There is always a price to pay, after all.

Still, I did have one person email me earlier this week; quite a good email too and an even better profile!  He skipped right over the stupid sending of whatever the latest thing is that you are forced to send to the object of your desire! (Smiles or kisses) so enamoured of me was he.

Now I haven’t been on this dating site for very long.  Just long enough to have been pleasantly surprised by his profile, which I must say, did suggest that we share some common interests/values.  In the couple of days prior to his email, I’d been quite despondent while browsing my potential matches.  Mostly, I found them to be decidedly lacking in substance (and punctuation…  And, if I’m honest, a birthdate in this century.)

But of course, I am my father’s daughter.  I am cautious; careful.  I can still hear his voice ringing in my ears – “if it sounds too good to be true; it IS too good to be true!”  A wise and lovely man was my father.

So hot on the heels of the ‘pleasant surprise’, came a dose of ‘wary’.   I have a large family; some demanding vetting rights and some muttering dire warnings.  But I don’t need them to ring my “be careful” bell.  I have an extremely good imagination…  As I was reading his heart flutteringly good profile and looking at the photo of a man who although wasn't exactly a David Jones model, still had a certain “something” about him; the words seemed to flicker; and a seed of doubt lodged in my mind and grew.

I couldn’t focus on what he looked like.  Instead, I was wondering if he was a twenty-three year old Nigerian who is madly in love with me and would love me forever (after I fly him to the moon of course)…  Or maybe a serial killer, measuring me for a shallow grave in Marysville.  Truth tell, I’m not fond of either scenario.

The upside is, it’s early days yet and this morning, I received contact from someone who I didn’t have the symbols of caution crashing in my ears!  Yeah, yeah, he wasn't exactly a Taylor Kinney (yum and left) look alike, but he wasn't exactly in the shuddering stage either.

It's early days yet and I'm in no hurry.

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