Wednesday, May 7, 2014

If dating in my 40’s was hard…

I’ve been single now for about 4 months and so am thinking that maybe it is time to pause for a breath and think about dating.  Up until now, it really hasn’t been a priority.  Life has been like riding a raging bull in the house of mirrors while dressed as little red riding hood.

It’s still not a priority; but common sense tells me that if it was difficult to find someone in my 40’s, it’s going to be next to impossible in my 50’s. 

And let’s face it; it’s not as though I was looking for a prince.  I mean is it too much to ask for to meet someone who has similar interests, morals and values?  Someone who I actually like and want to hang out with.  There were a few essentials on the list obviously, like I couldn’t feel the need to shudder or gag when I looked at them and there is an expected level of hygiene that is non-negotiable.

If I was doing a requirements document at work, they would be the “must haves” under the column for visual/personal.  Then there are the non-negotiable peripherals such as the ex-wife has to be an ex.  No ifs.  No buts.  Although the word ‘dead’ may float up here, that’s no good either – because you can never live up to the ghost of love past.  So divorced it is.  Done.  Dusted.  Settlement and acrimony concluded.

Like dominos, this knocks into the next point.  If they have some horror hanging on to the reins, look down; it's a given that there will be a swag of horrors that they bred clinging to his legs.  It's those that will kill you.

Oh, and maybe someone who when I say jazz, thinks Billie Holiday rather than Miles Davis...

Not a huge list of “must haves” really.  I don’t have anything about material things on it because everyone has their own story in the finance reality; having said that, they do have to at least want to plan for a new life.

The “nice to haves” are minimal!  Off the cuff, that would be their own teeth and if not some hair, at least a good shaped head.  

Then I have to think about dating websites, because where else in the world do you actually meet someone to date? 

Let the games begin...

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